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Welcome to BlocPsych, a collaborative hub dedicated to exploring the human side of blockchain. Our research group comprises of academics and business professionals who are committed to making Web3 a safer, more accessible, and inclusive internet experience for all. Our mission is to spark discussions and implement solutions that ensure blockchain products address human concerns, needs, and preferences to ensure a fair and ethical web space. We support informed decision-making, financial health, and well-being. Join us in our discussions and new projects.


Cynda Jones, a doctoral student and behavioral scientist with a passion for societal progress, has dedicated her career to empowering others. Through coaching and mentorship, she's inspired countless individuals worldwide. In 2020, Jones' foray into cryptocurrency investing sparked an interest in the burgeoning FinTech industry. Recognizing a gap in academic research, she delved into blockchain technology, specifically its impact on business operations and strategic management. Jones' exploration continued in 2022 with her first NFT purchase. Witnessing the altruistic nature of the NFT investor community, she envisions well-managed NFTs as potential catalyst for a more generous and collaborative online communities. As Jones nears the completion of her doctoral program, she's actively engaging with FinTech stakeholders. Leading discussions on the strategic management implications and the human side of FinTech, she's helping pave the way for the new digital (Web3) economy.


Research & Discoveries

Current Areas of Study

Blockchain & Diversity

Looking for a more altruistic and egalitarian society? Keep an eye on this space for upcoming about the human side of blockchain technologies. We'll explore how this innovative technology can help us achieve a more equitable future. Stay tuned!


Are NFTs Our Pathway to an Altruistic Society?

Fantastic news! BlocPsych is committed to creating more ethical and accountable NFT communities through the development of new DAOs and community management toolkits. These enhancements will assist community managers in building thriving, engaging, and collaborative NFT communities. Keep an eye out for further updates on our progress!

NFT Illustration

The Business Economics of Blockchain

This is a research study investigating the implications of blockchain on social structures in the work place.

Stock Exchange

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